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In defence of social work: Why Gove is wrong

January 20, 2014 admin 0

In 2013, SWAN wrote of Tory ConDem cabinet member and Education Secretary Michael Gove’s attack on social work. Many academics involved in SWAN and others issued a joint letter rejecting his claims in the immediate aftermath.

SWAN also released the pamphlet, ‘In Defence of Social Work: Why Michael Gove is wrong’.

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Whistle-blowing for Justice

January 12, 2014 admin 0

‘Exposing – Whistle-blowing – going ‘outside’ in the pursuance of justice for vulnerable people.

Dr Margaret Kennedy PhD


Today in the Irish Times (10/01/2014) my case against the Brothers of Charity (BOC) , the HSE and the HSE (West) in the High Court clearly describes ‘vindication’ following what I believed were defamatory statements made about my professionalism and also inaccuracies that I had not reported concerns to the Brothers of Charity, which I had done, verbally and in writing, said in a published HSE review of Client Protection services in the Brothers of Charity Galway.