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Psychopolitics in the 21st Century

May 15, 2015 admin 0

On Wednesday 10th June 2015, Liverpool Hope University are hosting a conference fighting for the defence of mental health services, an event strongly supported by SWAN:

The ‘PsychoPolitics in the Twenty First Century’ conference will explore the crisis in mental health services produced by ‘austerity’ and privatisation, and forms of activism that are emerging in opposition to this. The event will examine the work of earlier radical thinkers in mental health such as Peter Sedgwick and Franco Basaglia with the aim of renewing debates around the politics of mental health, as well as building alliances of resistance to cuts, managerialism and medicalisation.

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Reflections upon the 2015 SWAN conference

May 4, 2015 admin 0

After a hugely successful 2015 conference attended by over 430 people, one of the conference speakers, adult mental health practitioner Raksha Sidhu, reflects upon the sense of hope engendered there despite the devastating changes being enacted upon the social and health care sector:

“The western world we currently inhabit is changing at an alarming rate. ‘Change’ is the buzz word everywhere, in the media, in the corporate sector and now in the social and health care sector. In fact, the changes are so rapid there is no time to reflect on the impact of these changes, and who they are really benefitting. Social care polices are made and dismantled at a speed which beguiles reason. The Care Act 2014 has come out, promising even more services to greater numbers of people, with precious little resources to match these promises.