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Statement of support from SWAN Ireland to the Paris Bakery Workers

May 27, 2014 admin 0



Re The Paris Bakery Workers


Social Work Action Network (SWAN) Ireland is an organisation whose main aim is to create a space where social workers, social care workers, students, service users, carers, academics and members of the public can come together, equally and collectively, to campaign for a fairer society. We are also part of an international network.

The Social Work Action Network Ireland this evening pledges its support to the Paris Bakery Workers. Workers have been occupying the building on Moore Street since last week after the company’s owner Yannick Forel refused to agree to pay over €55,000 which the workers are due in wages. The workers are displaying enormous courage in this situation and are standing up for their rights and demanding what is owed to them – payment for their hard work.

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Oxford Conference 28th June: The Crisis in Mental Health Services

May 26, 2014 admin 0

Ruskin College, Oxford is pleased to announce a Social Work Action Network (SWAN) event – ‘The Crisis in Mental Health Services’ – which will take place on Saturday 28th June 2014.

The crisis in mental health services has become so acute that even the government has had to acknowledge the scale of the problem. Welfare services, which service users and carers rely on are being drastically cut as a result of the politics of austerity and the government’s benefits ‘reforms’ are forcing more and more people into poverty. Meanwhile the gap between the richest and poorest in society is continuing to expand. Practitioners are forced to struggle with high caseloads, reduced resources and a target culture, which is underpinned by market ideology and privatisation.

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Demo in Wicklow against cuts to disability services

May 13, 2014 admin 0

Here is a message from SWAN supporters Margaret and Ann Kennedy:

“Margaret & Ann Kennedy ‘the cardboard scissors sisters’ are arranging an impromptu demo on Thursday morning against cuts to disability services and welfare supports, including cuts to medical cards that are hugely impacting negatively the lives of sick, disabled and elderly people.