Research: Diverse Identities in Social Work Education and Practice!

Calling all social work practitioners in the UK!! 

Please consider taking part in this survey, conducted as a pilot on diverse  

identities among social work students and practitioners in the UK. We want to  

find out specifically about whether and how social work students and  

practitioners navigate the boundaries of gender, sexuality and race which may  

not be immediately obvious to their cis-gendered, straight, monoracial and/or  

monoethnic colleagues, managers, teachers, service users, and carers.

The  survey is to help inform the development of a larger study on this topic.  

The research team is comprised of Dr Robin Sen, Lecturer in Social Work at the  

University of Dundee (he/him) and Dr Reima Ana Maglajlic, Senior Lecturer in  

Social Work at University of Sussex (she/her). The research team themselves  

have some of the diverse identities which this study explores. Ethical approval  

for the study was secured through the University of Sussex Social Sciences and  

Arts Research Ethics Committee.  

Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. The data is gathered solely for  

the purpose of this study and will never be disclosed to any third parties. It  

should take between 5-10 minutes to fill out, depending on your identity and  

information you are happy to share within the survey. You can skip any  

questions you don’t wish to answer and/or which don’t apply to you.