Liverpool Against the Cuts – monthly meeting 10th November

Liverpool Against the Cuts seeks to develop a co-ordinated fight back to the government cuts hitting Liverpool. The group is comprised of trade unionists, students, community and political campaigners and seeks to attract as many like minded people as possible from the Merseyside area.

The monthly meeting of Liverpool Against the Cuts comes on the eve of what is potentially the biggest strike inBritain since the 1926 General Strike… if we make it happen. The meeting takes place on 10th November 2011, 7pm – 9pm at Jack Jones House (Unite the Union) Liverpool L3 8EF.

On November 30th up to 3.2 million public sector workers will be out on strike, joined by thousands more students, service users, community campaigners, the unemployed and the ongoing ‘Occupy’ movement that has brought the failings of the system to the fore. Come along to this vital LATC organising meeting to make sure the strike in Liverpool sees the co-ordination and concentration of anger and action to hit the cutters hard- come plan for a massive march through our streets, for visits to picket lines, leafleting of workplaces and the central involvement of community campaigns.

Let’s make N30 a festival of resistance in Merseyside. All welcome

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