Critical and Radical Social Work: An international journal

Policy Press describe the publication as:

‘An exciting new journal that will promote debate and scholarship around a range of engaged social work themes. The journal publishes papers which seek to analyse and respond to issues, such as the impact of global neo-liberalism on social welfare; austerity and social work; social work and social movements; social work, inequality and oppression, and understanding and responding to global social problems (such as war, disasters and climate change). It welcomes contributions that consider and question themes relating to the definition of social work and social work professionalism, that look at ways in which organic and ‘indigenous’ practice can expand concepts of the social work project and that consider alternative and radical histories of social work activity. As a truly international journal it actively encourages contributions from academics, scholars and practitioners from across the global village.’

Critical and Radical Social Work Journal is available free online during 2013SWAN believes that Critical and Radical Social Work: An international journal will support those across social work and welfare by providing a radical perspective and ideas for practice. Policy Press issued a call for contributions to the journal in May 2012 which remains open.

Critical and Radical Social Work will be available online for free during 2013, its first year of publication. To sign up for this free online trial, please email with your full name and contact address. You will receive an acknowledgement and an alert when the trial begins in April 2013 when the first issue is published.

SWAN hopes that a formal launch for this title will take place at the 8th National SWAN Conference at London South Bank University on 12-13 April 2013. In common with the theme of this year’s conference, which addresses alternative futures for social welfare and social care, the first issue will consider what the ‘future of social work’ may be in the years ahead.

Similarly, next April a new series of six short edited texts from Palgrave Macmillan entitled Critical Issues in Contemporary Social Work, is released. These address the following areas: personalisation, the crisis in mental health, poverty and inequality, ethics and politics in social work, children and families social work, and the crisis in social care. We hope these books will also be available to buy at the conference.

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