Witnesses To The Invisible: Swan Liverpool Prepare For Third Trip To Dunkirk and Calais


The 11th and 12th of February will see SWAN’s third trip over to France, with a large monetary donation to Care4Calais. In a two day trip, students will visit both Dunkirk and the areas around Calais that authorities claim have been cleared of refugees. In reality, many desperate people still congregate in the hope of finding a way through the tunnel, and many arrests are made. There are continued reports of inappropriate police responses towards adults and children. SWAN Liverpool’s activist students will spend time helping at the warehouse, and will take part in ‘walkabouts’ designed to bear witness to the continuing plight of the refugees in the area. 

A report of all three trips to Calais and other SWAN activity will be made available on the website,  as part of our on-going Solidarity With Refugees campaign. 

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