Watch: Episode 2 of International Perspectives

Enjoy the second in a series of international meetings with the International Federation of Social Workers in relation to social work responses to Covid-19.

We were joined with Kerry Cuskelly from Ireland, Jennifer Thompson from New Jersey, Sug Pyo Kim in South Korea, Nicos Trimikliniotis in Cyprus, Fatima Uygun from Glasgow and Ruben Masia in Spain and discussed what practice can we do during this period.

The video has had 5,000 view so far on Facebook and we would like to thank everyone who join, contributed and asked question. Our next international meeting will be on the Thursday 30th April, which will be streamed live again on Facebook and uploaded here to rewatch and share. We aim to bring a wide range of speakers from around the world who can both tackle the day-to-day practice but also the ideological and political terrains in front of us, so we are pleased to announce that our first two confirmed speakers are Rory Truell, International Director of International Federation of Social Workers and Iain Ferguson, co-founder of Social Work Action Network and author.

But we don’t stop there! Recognising that this pandemic is a international concern, we also have to look at direct action and practice within the UK. Next Thursday at 6pm we will be hosting a meeting with Unison, British Association of Social Work and Reclaim Our Future Alliance.

Stay tuned!

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