Swan Statement on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Leadership Campaign

The creation of a media dialogue that at last addresses the importance of the public sector, of public ownership and pride in Britain’s welfare state is an exceptional achievement and one that must be supported and continued.

SWAN, like Corbyn, rejects the ideology of austerity. Recent developments in social work education and qualifications in England, such as Frontline and Think Ahead,   have shown that market-based ideology is also being used to fundamentally reshape value-based social work and hand the service over to the private sector. Recent experience in the Care Sector shows that the private sector cannot and will not create conditions that allow for respectful, safe and high quality care. SWAN welcomes the debate now taking place about the potential of alternative economic and social policy models.

Whatever your political views, the TUC-supported demonstration outside the Conservative Party Conference on October 4th will provide a great opportunity for all those opposed to austerity to make their feelings known!


Swan Steering Committee 11.8.15

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