Solidarity With West Dunbartonshire

In June, West Dunbartonshire workers took the decision to vote for strike action, should their working conditions fail to immediately improve.

SWAN Stands In Solidarity With West Dunbartonshire’s Social Workers As They Vote To Strike

The needs and safety of vulnerable children and their families are being jeopardised by the unsafe working conditions of their social workers, say West Dunbartonshire’s Unison members. SWAN condemns the closure of offices, forcing staff to work in inappropriate environments away from their colleagues, away from support, and requiring long travel distances. SWAN condemns high workloads that are preventing social workers from being able to offer each child and family what they are entitled to from social care services – and what we are legally obliged to provide.

Scotland is not sheltered from the UK Government’s waging of war upon the most deprived people in our society. The decimation of public sector funding and resources has resulted in fear, insecurity and anxiety for workers and service users alike. Strike action and workers’ resistance is the key to real change. It shines a light on the willingness of management to abandon their responsibilities and leave staff to face the serious consequences. We have seen, after the walkout of the homeless case workers and the successful Equal Pay strike within Glasgow, that united disruptive action gets results. 

SWAN offers our full support to the social workers who have voted to strike in West Dunbartonshire, should significant changes fail to materialise swiftly. Solidarity Meetings amongst our members are being organised in response. We stand together against this dangerous erosion of good practice.

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