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The Palestine UK Social Work Network arose following the 2010 IFSW Global conference, which saw the launch of the Global Development Agenda for SW.

In seeking to apply this global professional agenda, we recognise the specific challenges, which have confronted our Palestinian colleagues since 1948, as they have sought to practice under oppression and military occupation. As UK based social work colleagues, we seek to stand in support of our professional Palestinian social work colleagues in their struggle.

We seek to understand the unique realities and challenges of their daily professional practice, and to stand in solidarity with colleagues, in recognition of our shared professional status, activity and occupation.

In so doing, the Palestine UK Social Work Network (PALUK) will endeavour to;

  • To work collaboratively with Palestinian Social Work colleagues to raise and promote awareness of their experience in the UK
  • To develop supportive ongoing relationships with Palestinian Social work colleagues, and bear witness to their experiences
  • To support the collectivist activity of the professional union for Palestinian Social Workers and Psychologists (PUSWP)
  • To promote awareness between UK and European Social work organisations, of the experience of Palestinian Social Work colleagues.
  • To offer solidarity to Palestinian Colleagues, in recognition of both;
  1. Their social work practice issues which are defined by the military occupation
  2. Their personal, family and community daily experiences of living under military occupation
  • To share knowledge and expertise between two social work communities and seek to learn from each other’s practice experiences and initiatives
  • To raise international awareness of the experience of Palestinian social work practitioners within the global Social Work community, and seek to enlist further international support in recognition of their struggle.

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