Our Convoy Partners: Stand Up To Racism

Stand Up to Racism and Fascism is SWAN’s partner in the upcoming #socialworkconvoy delivering goods and money to The Jungle on Sat 17 Oct. Here we hear their latest information and advice: 

SUtR is asking convoy participants to attempt to book onto the 10.50am train to Calais, in order that as many people arrive together as possible. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE TO PREVIOUS INFORMATION. If you are already booked onto an earlier train don’t worry – as long as you don’t mind waiting for the whole group to reconvene. Please bring any SWAN, union or political banners/placards in order to make a loud statement with a rally protesting the racism of Britain’s social policies toward immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Otherwise, and occasionally, known as ‘people’. The convoy aims to be entirely together by 1pm French time. 

As stated previously, items requested are quite specific as space and storage is limited at the Jungle. See previous articles on the convoy. Money raised will be hugely welcome and will go toward a new van to shuttle items between the camp and storage. Extra material will be sent to Greece, where there is HUGE need. SUtR and SWAN are working with L’Auberge des Migrants, CalAid and Secours Catholique who currently provide aid at the The Jungle.

Thank you again. 

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