M19: March Against Racism! Call for Swan presence in Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

KEERFA, the leading Greek anti-racist and anti-fascist organisation, is calling for a global day of demonstrations against racism on that day. SWAN has made the rise of islamaphobia and the current refugee humanitarian disaster across the world a priority focus since summer 2015. Our one day conferences in both the University of West of Scotland (March 17th) and Friends House in London (June 4th) are both devoting plenary talks to the role of social work in this situation.  We are asking any SWAN members available in Glasgow, Cardiff or London to attend the big marches, with SWAN placards and banners. 

A letter was published in the Herald Scotland on Thursday 10th March demanding that this march send a clear message to government, written by the organisers of the Glasgow March: Stand Up To Racism, Positive Action in Housing, the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, the Scottish Refugee Council and many other organisations. However, the greatest effort comes as always from the public, who have responded to refugees across Europe in a truly inspirational manner. The level of solidarity and collaboration demonstrated by the British public over the past 6 months demonstrates that the overwhelming majority desire to eradicate racism and welcome refugees in the UK. 



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