Leftspace Internet Services is an Internet Service Provider established for 5 years providing website hosting and design and associated technology solutions to the Labour and Trade Union movement. Since establishment we have undertaken extensive work with a wide range of trade union bodies at local, regional and national level in addition to providing extensive support to many non-profit campaign organisations and Trades Union Councils. We work closely with Tom Mellish, National TUC organising department, responsible for organising 168 Trades Union Councils in addition to working with UNISON, UNITE and a range of local not for profit campaign groups.  I am confident that Tom would be happy to let you know of his experiences.

Leftspace has an extensive history working in and with the trade union movement and are aware of the needs and requirements unique to the movement which gives you, benefits which many other ISP’s are unable to provide.

Please find enclosed a publicity pamphlet – the pamphlet is currently being updated but it does give you an idea of the services we can provide.

As many people in the Labour Movement are volunteers we are available to assist both evenings and weekends as well, of course, during normal office hours. We are confident that we are highly competitive on price and value with any other web consulting firm and would be happy to discuss this further if this is of potential interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email – info@leftspace.co.uk or our website www.leftspace.co.uk and we look forward to working with you on any projects which you feel may benefit from using the internet to its full to promote your message to your members and beyond.

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We want to develop a network of service users, practicitioners, academics and students to support radical and progressive social work. We need a social work that is ready to challenge oppressive practice, that means working collectively across the country and internationally to advance Social Work.