June 5th Update: Aftermath of the Calais Fire – Convoy Goes Ahead

The disturbing scenes of refugees fighting with each other and tents burning are disquieting, but they are a direct consequence of the humanitarian crisis created by Europe’s governments.

After Thursday, some supporters have asked if our convoy in June 5th is taking place. We have been taking with groups on the ground, and having taken advice from Care4Calais we can confirm that we will be going ahead as planned. Solidarity is needed more than ever.

As is targeted material aid! There is a renewed call for the basics – tents, ground mats and food are in short supply. 

See reports and links for buying aid on the Calais Action facebook page.

This is from the Care4Calais site:

We are very sad and sorry to report there has been some fighting in the camp and a pretty bad fire. It is extremely difficult to have so many people living in cramped conditions and under so much pressure, and tensions are high. Fire is always a big risk with inadequate facilities and little protection. Sadly, the Ashram kitchen has destroyed and the Belgium kitchen damaged. To put things back together we will need your help. In particular we need: 

 Food parcels 
Fire extinguishers
 Bed rolls
 Tools to clear ground
 Pallets and building materials 
As always, thank you so much.

CALAIS KITCHENS URGENTLY NEED: Ring pull tins of fish, chickpeas, beans (protein) and veg (nutrients). 

Michael Lavalette

Swan National Convenor


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