Letter from Hungary: more action on homelessness laws needed

Dear Colleagues,
First, thank you so much for your backing and solidarity, it means a lot to us.

In your former letters you have offered your support and help. If it is still available, we would like to ask for it!

The mayor of the 8th district of Budapest (called Józsefváros) is Dr. Máté Kocsis. He is one of the biggest architects of the restrictive and penal treatment against homeless people.

He and his municipal corporation support the edict that was the focus of our demonstration (and threatens rough sleepers with up to 60 days imprisonment). This was the protest which led to the arrest of our member, Norbert Ferencz.

Despite the antihumane features of the mayor’s policy, he was recently elected to the the position of the homeless rapporteur for the Hungarian government. Which means that his opinion is significantly important for the national decision makers.

Please pass this stunning fact on to the representatives of the media and to your supporters.
Thank you for your help and kindness.
Best regards,
Új Szemlélet

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