European Social Work Day of Solidarity With Refugees – Update June 5th

The European Day of Solidarity has inspired action to be planned all over the globe between the 3rd and 6th of June, and the UK day of action takes place on June 5th. 

In response to advice from on-the-ground volunteers in Calais, Swan will be sending 50 activists to the Jungle drawn from 5 regional areas: Scotland, NW England, NE England, the Midlands and the South of England.

The convoy will be launched from the Swan annual conference (June 4th) in London at 5pm, travelling down to Dover. Each regional group is booking their own accommodation for one night, before sailing for France on the morning of the 5th June.

In the camp, we will work closely with Care4Calais. Some activists will assist in the warehouse, some will meet and take ‘life narratives’ from refugees, some will gather worker and volunteer stories. 

We will return from France at approx. 4pm French time, allowing all groups to travel home that evening. 

All gathered material will be collated for a Swan pamphlet, and will form part of a social work report that will be presented to the EU parliament.

Local groups are gathering donations in the form of money and material items. Please find attached a flyer from Care4Calais highlighting urgently required items for the week beginning 9.5.16. Be aware that their list is regularly updated.

For further information or to donate please contact and let us know where you are based. 

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