Convoy Update – 4 Days to Go!!

We think there will be just over 50 people from SWAN groups travelling on the day. Groups are booked on a variety of boats and trains, but need to arrive at the jungle before 1pm local time.
Some general (though perhaps obvious) information: 
First, remember your passports!!
Second, make sure your vehicle is road worthy and meets French requirements!
Third, it will be a long day. Plan for breaks, share driving, take food and water. We will aim to be at the jungle no later than 1pm. After we have dropped material and handed over money we will make our way to the demonstration. The demo will be over by 18.30 French time. Some of you may have to leave before that. Plan to give yourself plenty of time to get through the checks and back on your train or boat.
Folkestone and Dover 
If you are taking the Eurostar, people are booked on a variety of trains. 
Dan will be our SWAN contact point here – although he is booked on the 09.50 train. He will be there early and will have contact with other groups. Dan’s number is 07989432570
The directions from the Sangat exit in France are:
From the tunnel, you head toward Calais and follow all the signs toward the port/ferry…. you look for exit 2 called ‘Z.I. des dunes/Oye-Plage’ which is an industrial estate. As you exit, you can see the jungle on your right. Park just beyond the bridge on the grassy area or any of the side roads before the camp. Lock your cars and walk over to the camp where we will meet up with stewards, people living there and French organisations. 

If you are travelling from Dover we are aiming for the 9.25 sailing with Brittany Ferries. Michael is our lead in Dover. His mobile is 07739729214.
If you are taking money we suggest you pay it into the SWAN national account. We will then hand over cheques to the organisations we are liaising with: (a) Secours Catholique, (b) L’Auberge du Migrants and (c) Salam
If you are paying in money please do the following.
1. Send the money to Social Work Action Network, Coop Bank, sort code 089299, account number 653211151. Please mark payment ‘Calais refugee support’
2. Once you have done this please send a text to Michael (07739729214) confirming the amount paid in.  We will then pay the total sum to the organisations on Saturday.
Please take banners, flags etc with you. We want a good show from SWAN on the demo!
This has been a fantastic effort by SWAN groups across the country. Well done!
See you Saturday.


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