World Conference of the International Federation of Social Workers 2010 in Hong Kong

i. Neoliberalism, managerialism and social work

Dr. Gidraph Wairire,The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes on Social Work and Welfare in Kenya

Professor Catherine MacDonald A Case study of managing a non-profit sector: purchase of service contracting in family support services

Fumihito ITO Education, training and qualification of Social Workers in Japan: The impact of State neo-liberal policies

ii. War, political conflict and social work

Dr Michael Lavalette Barrie Levine Social Work and Popular Resistance: Examples from Palestine and Lebanon

Carmen Hinestroza, Reclaiming the public space; Social work and the struggle of the AfroColombian and indigenous displaced communities.

Dr Vassilis Ioakimidis, Welfare and warfare; grassroots welfare and the Greek resistance

iii. Towards a Social Work of Resistance

Rudi Roose: The problem of language of resistrance

Michael Reisch: Challenging the master narrative in social work to create a philosophy and practice of resistance

Linda Smith: The inescapable responsibility of pursuing social justice

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