Community-led Housing Conference

Together Our Voices Matter
Saturday, 21 November 2015 from 12:00 to 15:30

Kilmore Recreation Centre, Kilmore, Coolock, Dublin 5.
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The aims of the conference are to:

1) Bring our community together on an equal and open footing.

2) Connect local services and local people together in an effective and appropriate way.

3) Share how we have put those affected first and how this process has worked.

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Speakers will include:

Members of the Irish Housing Network , Those Affected by the Housing and Homelessness Crisis, Local Services.


12.00pm – Welcome and Introductions

12.10-1.10pm – Plenary “What are the Problems”?

1.10-1.30pm – Break

1.30-2.30pm – Workshop “Creating Safe Spaces for Community Solutions to the Housing and Homelessness Crisis”

2.30-3pm – Proposed Solutions and Actions

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We want to develop a network of service users, practicitioners, academics and students to support radical and progressive social work. We need a social work that is ready to challenge oppressive practice, that means working collectively across the country and internationally to advance Social Work.