Chris Jones’ blog on the impact of austerity in Greece

Chris introduces his blog to you here:

These are extraordinary times. Not just here in Greece but in many places from Bradford to Cairo, New York to Damascus and beyond. These are times of great despair for many who are being crushed by a brutalising capitalism intent on rolling back every gain made by working people over the past 100 years. They are also times of great hope as new solidarities are being forged in resistance and survival . In this blog my intent – with the help of close comrades – is to record and give witness to these events as they roll out on the island of Samos, Greece, where I now live. Based on observations and discussions with the people of the island my hope is to convey something of the impact of these extraordinary times on daily lives and well-being and how they are influencing significant shifts in understanding, living, social relationships and politics more generally. I hope that readers of the blog will feel free to use the material in whatever way they want . There is no need to ask for permission. It is yours to use! Any feedback would be much appreciated. Even a single word would suffice as it would be encouraging for me to know that it is not all disappearing into some dark hole. More than ever before we need to fight and fight and struggle doing whatever we can and wherever we stand. We are many. They are few.

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