Resisting the Austerity Agenda: Engage in the General Election

Well, assuming that other people will do it clearly won’t work. Despite this being the first time in decades that opposition parties have presented so many pro-welfare state policies, much of the public remains exhausted, mistrustful and unable to conceive of anything other than ‘better the devil you know’. Our media has fallen for the Tory tactic of staying very quiet, and is failing to scrutinise their last 7 years in power. The British political landscape is complex and at times frightening. The need for us to engage, to speak with neighbours, colleagues, friends, strangers, has never been greater. 

SWAN does not affiliate with any one party, but calls on everyone to use their vote as a vote against austerity and racism. Use your vote to demand a properly funded welfare state free from vulturine private companies.

Please create or assist in voter registration schemes over the next week. Those living with disability, with mental illness, women and students in particular have the power to change our lives – let’s get people registered! 

Please host public meetings with other public interest/campaign or charitable groups in your area. Invite political candidates to come and ask them some hard questions! We have attached a flyer with 5 questions covering Brexit; the NHS; privatisation of social work; health and social care and the refugee experience. Use and share this flyer! 


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