Voting for the Steering Committee is open to members only, from the 4th June 9am.


Each computer is allowed to take part in voting once - therefore if there is more than one SWAN member sharing a computer, a new device must be used per person. This is a security measure. 

Members may vote for as many or as few of the nominees as they wish UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 15. Each nominee must receive a minimum of 2 votes to eligible for election, and if we have more than 15 eligible nominees, the 15 with the most votes will be elected.

You may nominate yourself until Friday 3rd June 6pm, by sending approx. 50 words to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. What you are signing up to is all clearly explained here.

Voting opens on the 4th June at 9am for two weeks, until 18th June 18.00pm.

Steering Committee Members Vote 2016/17
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