This budget by Chancellor George Osborne will continue the attack upon Social Work by undermining its future. The statistics are extremely worrying.

I am a frontline child protection social worker in the South East. The Tory budget which was announced today has left me feeling incredibly worried for the families on my caseload.

Imran A. Mohammed is a social worker for older people and an Adult Faculty member of TCSW. Imran has written many articles reflecting upon social work and has recently developed the confidence to share them.

The executive of the University & College Union representing over 90,000 academics & educators in the UK unanimously passed the following motion at its June meeting:

The Conservative government has recently demonstrated its commitment to legislation that criminalises social workers "who lack, “the professional curiosity to explore the underlying reasons for challenging behaviour, or who knew abuse was being ignored and did not speak out.”" ( 17.6.2015). Such plans are an unprecedented attack upon the public sector, and those workers striving to safe lives in the face of massive cuts and huge workloads. Swan has produced a letter that you can use as a guide for writing to your MP, requesting an inquiry into and a block of this legislative bill. 

  • Mental Health Charter: submission on inpatient adult psychiatric care

SWAN supporters will already be familiar with the SWAN endorsed Mental Health Charter which was launched in 2014. The Charter critiques the crisis in mental health services in the context of austerity and calls for an end to the cuts while proposing radical alternatives. Recently the Mental Health Charter responded to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Independent Commission into the state of Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Care as part of its call for evidence.

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