We live in unusual times. The dominant political discourse in the UK is neo-liberal, and increasingly, social work education courses are encouraged (forced?) to move away from critiquing this or allowing even brief consideration of Marxist viewpoints.

Yet protests, strikes and grassroots political engagement are all growing, calling out for genuine alternatives to the Austerity Agenda.

Iain Ferguson contributes an essay on Fromm, and the place of his work when thinking of a saner, fairer modern society. You can access this free resource below: 

Between Marx and Freud: Erich Fromm Revisited

  • Hope for Social Work: Baby P Pamphlet

SWAN put together a booklet on debates and issues raised by the Baby P events in 2009. The booklet runs to 116 pages and includes contributions from leading social work academics (including Peter Beresford, Sue White, Chris Jones), frontline workers, service users and trade union officials (from both Unison and Aspect). The contributions are all a response to a lead article by Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette.

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